Rose Roll-On Perfume-10 Ml


Arvedikas Natural Rose Oil Perfume Roll-on captures the romantic scent of a rose garden in full bloom and fills you with beautiful fragrance. A Natural Rose has one of the most fascinating fragrance. Arvedikas Natural Rose Oil Perfume Rollon has been crafted with an exquisite blend of Natural Rose Essential Oil with premium carrier oils to derive the real & finest fragrance of Natural Rose Petals around you.


Rose Roll-On Perfume-10 Ml



Rose is a symbol of love and beauty, gives off a warm scent. Arvedikas Natural Rose Oil Perfume Roll-on is one of the most romantic & sensual fragrances that uplifts your mood and fills you up with joy.


  • Exotic & Romantic Floral Fragrance of fresh roses
  • Skin-friendly & Long Lasting Oil-based body perfume, Suitable for all skin types.
  • Glass Roll-On Bottle Easy To Use & Easy To Carry
  • This roll-on comes within a beautiful Presentable Box making it perfect for Gifting it to Your Loved Ones.
  • Non-Alcoholic Perfume – Suitable for everyday use
  • For external use only
  • No use of harmful chemicals while manufacturing these perfumes.
  • Non-irritant, non-toxic & non-sensitizing fine body perfume.


  • Apply it on the pulse-point of each wrist and dab a little behind each earlobe before it dries. The perfume will dry down in a few minutes after which you will experience its charming scent.
  • You may also apply to the back of each knee so the fragrance envelops you.
  • You can use it as daily wear. It has such a sweet and delicate floral fragrance that you can’t resist wearing it daily.
  • You can even apply it underneath your armpits so that you feel fresh all day !!

These unique blends of fragrances are exquisitely created by Ms Supriya Arora(A professional aromatherapy trainer at the Khadi India) & are processed in advanced state of art laboratories in adherence to the Industry norms & export quality standards, ensuring that a hygienic environment is maintained during each stage of manufacturing, packaging & storing in order to ensure that the products retain their original properties. The brand supports animal safety & these products are not tested on animals



Natural Essential Oils are one of the most important key ingredients used for making Perfume Oils. Arvedikas Natural Essential Oils are extracted from plants, flowers, herbs that are being used to create unique blends of long-lasting perfumes.


Carrier Oils are the second most important key ingredients used in the formation of Perfume Oils. Arvedikas Natural Perfume Oils are perfectly blended with Carrier Oils like Coconut Oil/Almond Oil to make them skin-friendly.


These fragrances are created using herbs & finest aromatic compounds to give them a long-lasting effect.



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