Olive Oil

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  • Volume : 250Ml || 500Ml || 1000Ml || 5 Ltr || 10 Ltr || 25 Ltr
  • Fragrance : Olive Oil
  • Package Contents: 1
  • Oil Type: Carrier Oil
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Olive Carrier Oil


Description: Olive oil also contains compounds such as oleic acid (a type of monounsaturated fat), squalene, and palmitic acid, all of which act as natural emollients to soften dry, rough skin. Olive oil has occlusive properties, which means that it acts as a seal, trapping in moisture to help keep skin hydrated. Olive oil contains vitamin E, vitamin K, and other bioactive polyphenol compounds that may help neutralize free radicals, protect skin from the effects of various pollutants, and reduce inflammation.



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