Apricot Oil

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  • Volume : 250Ml || 500Ml || 1000Ml
  • Fragrance : Apricot Carrier Oil
  • Package Contents: 1
  • Oil Type: Carrier Oil
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Apricot Carrier Oil


The Vit  C & E content in the oil helps in improving the skin tone, maintaining softness & radiance of skin. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots & blemishes & therefore gives spotless glowing & shiny skin. It has anti aging properties. It provides nutrition & support to the skin. The higher GLA content makes it a good moisturizer. It facilitates fast healing & gives even glow. It gives a soft texture to the skin, reduces dryness & promotes better hair growth by preventing hair loss.


Description- The Apricot Carrier Oil is pressed from kernel of Prunus Armenia. The Vit C content is the aid which improves skin tone, softens & gives radiance to the skin. The anti oxidant content helps in reducing fine lines,  wrinkles,  dark spots & blemishes. Therefore gives spotless radiant skin with natural glow. It provides nutrition & support to the skin thereby reducing the signs of aging & displaying a younger skin. The Gamma linoleic acid makes it a good moisturizer which facilitates fast healing & even glow. The oily property of Apricot reduces scalp dryness & promotes hair growth.



  • Our products are processed in advanced state of art technologies in ISO 9001-2015 , GMP certified facilities adherence to the Industry norms & export quality standards.


  • We ensure that our products do not contain any harmful chemicals.


  • We support animal safety & our products are not tested on animals.


  • We do ensure that a hygienic environment is maintained during each stage of manufacturing, packaging & storing in order to ensure that the products retain their original properties.

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